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SOUQ stationed service

Listing date: 2018-08-23

Introduction of SOUQ

  SOUQ is known as the Middle East Amazon, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon. Founded in 2005, the largest e-commerce platform in the Middle East as of 2017.SOUQ currently has 4 sites in the entire Gulf region, namely Dubai Station (headquarters), Saudi Station, Egypt Station, Kuwait Station, market coverage in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia. , Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar.


SOUQ stationed service


Since the SOUQ platform is not open to other countries outside the Middle East, Chinese merchants are unable to settle on their own and need to use third-party channels to enter the SOUQ .


SOUQ settled in - SOUQ Aggregator project


To introduce more projects launched by China's outstanding cross-border sellers, reduce barriers to entry. SOUQ invites service providers to attract cross-border sellers from China, supervises authorized service providers, provides a more stable and safe business environment and good services, and effectively regulates the cross-border sellers' business practices.



Shenzhen Yitao Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Yitao) was established in 2014 and is part of the e-commerce brand of CITITRANS, focusing on providing cross-border supply chain solutions based on cross-border e-commerce logistics. The program is committed to providing domestic and international warehousing and cross-border e-commerce users with one-stop solutions from China to the Middle East.


As a strategic partner of SOUQ, it also has the qualifications for investment in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It has been operating the Aggregator project for more than one year. It has served more than 200 cross-border e-commerce sellers in China, providing platform entry, overseas warehouses, collections, and FBS heads. service. Have perfect pre-sales training and long-term seller support.


Middle East E-commerce FAQ


1.A : How do I register for a SOUQ account? Who can register?

Q: SOUQ is divided into enterprise account and personal account. At present, SOUQ is only open to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt. The service provided by CITITRANS is mainly the service of the UAE. If you need to register for an UAE account, you will need to provide the UAE ID, business license, bank account number, and mobile number.


2.A : What is the entire process from order placement to delivery to customer receipt of the product?

 Q: After the purchase of Chinese sellers' products, they can be sent to other warehouses in CITITRANS’s Shenzhen or Guangzhou warehouses. After the warehouses are collected, they will be sent to CITITRANS’s Dubai and Saudi warehouses. According to the seller's distribution time, and the number of products, you can choose Air and sea routes.  The state will choose to put the goods in CITITRANS's overseas warehouse or send directly to SOUQ's FBS (fulfillment by Souq) warehouse according to the customer's needs.If it is sorted and delivered by CITITRANS overseas warehouse, after the seller confirms the order, SOUQ's logistics- Qexpress will pick up the goods from the CITITRANS overseas warehouse, and the final delivery process will be completed by the platform . If the goods are in the FBS warehouse then the order is confirmed by Qexpress.


3.A :  what kind of works will you help us?such as payback service, detailed process, from account to local bank?which banks is supported in China?how much will it charge? and will the local bank charge the existing fees?

 Q: After confirming the receipt of the goods within 15 working days, the customer will enter the confirmation item, and the withdrawal will be made normally. The payment will be made within 5 to 7 working days. After the payment is confirmed, we will remit the money to the domestic bank account for about 3 working days.the exchange rate of the settlement is the real exchange rate, the settlement fee is 3% of Saudi Arabia and 1% in the United Arab Emirates.


4.A : What is the current profit margin of

 Q: According to online data discussion, the focus of the Middle East market is in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The UAE's profit margin is 50%, and Saudi Arabia's profit margin is above 80%. Actually, this is relying on the pricing of various businesses.


5.A : Is there a best seller page and hot selling items recommended on this platform like amazon? If so, please give the next link. 

Q: There is no best seller page and hot selling items on the platform. You can judge the order of specific products from the inventory of the shopping cart.


6.A : how much time limit to start shipping after the order is placed?how long does it take to reach the guests? Must I use the FBS service? 

Q: FBS is similar to Amazon FBA's warehousing and logistics system. After the product arrives at the SOUQ warehouse, SOUQ will complete the distribution behind it. Generally speaking, it can reach the customer within two working days. The FBS service is not mandatory. It usually takes about 3 days to reach the customer. If you are using the overseas warehouse service, after confirming the order, we can use CITITRANS’S Express to the warehouse of SOUQ, or wait for SOUQ's logistics-Qexpress to pick up the goods.


7.A: How is the FBS service charged?

 Q: The FBS service in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is currently free of charge. For goods entering FBS, only commissions and platform transaction fees are charged, and no other fees are incurred.

Order service fee: AED 7.5 / order, the order amount is lower than AED50, the fee is exempt.

Commission: According to the sales price of each commodity, the commission rate is between 5% and 20%, depending on the product category.


8.A : Does Souq support self-delivery to local customers?

 Q: At present, SOUQ does not support self-delivery to customers. Sellers cannot contact buyers. There is no customer address and contact information on the side-by-side information. The final delivery process is completed by SOUQ. 


9. A : The meaning of FBS is that we send it to the overseas warehouse, and then there will be someone picking up the goods at souq? Or is the headline sent directly to the FBS warehouse? I don't quite understand this shipping process. Can you introduce it separately?

Q: FBS means that the seller needs to ship to the Dubai and Saudi overseas warehouses in CITITRANS, and then sent to the SOUQ warehouse by CITITRANS . CITITRANS must assists in the warehousing and quality inspection of the products. The products that unqualified will be returned to CITITRANS Overseas Warehouse in time. If it is directly stored in the warehouse of CITITRANS, there is no risk of the product being returned. 


10.A : Can an account be sold in 4 countries? For example, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt? 

Q: The account is the same as Amazon. One site has one account. You cannot manage four countries with one account.

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