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  • Release time: 2019 - 08 - 07
    United Arab Emirates Special LineCoverage UAE, Delivery Time Limitation 4-5 Days, Signing and Receiving Rate 90%The United Arab Emirates Special Line is a 'Air Canada' Special Line mode that Yibang relies on its own network advantages in the United Arab Emirates. The first direct flight is scheduled to fly to Dubai. After the completion of commercial customs clearance and tax clearance at Dubai Airport, Yibang will be responsible for the last kilometre dispatch. Quick timeliness, safety assurance, the fastest response to customer needs.advantageSafety and Efficiency :Full Tracking...
  • Release time: 2019 - 08 - 07
    Bulk warehouse integrationYibang Dubai Trailer Department was established in 2006 and has strong operational strength. At present, there are 10 self-operated trailers, more than 30 container pallets and bulk pallets. There are also a number of perennial cooperative trailer units. The business scope covers: container cargo delivered by local customs clearance in the UAE, and land trailer service in the six countries of the Gulf. We are familiar with the customs clearance policies of several Gulf countries. We are familiar with the various port land transport policies and have accumulated rich e...
  • Release time: 2019 - 08 - 07
    Saudi special line· Fast-track customs clearance channel · stable position, direct flight every day · 7-8 days aging · signing yield 85%The Saudi Arabian Special Line is a cross-border logistics line product that Yibang relies on its own strength in the Saudi network. A Middle East e-commerce logistics product that can be customized for the needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers, with electricity, sunshine clearance, high investment rate and fast timeliness.advantageSafety and Efficiency :Full Tracking, Easy Customs Clearance, Controllable TimingSunshine Customs Clea...
  • Release time: 2018 - 08 - 23
    1. Service IntroductionCITITRANS has its own network coverage in major domestic airports (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong) and the largest airport in the Middle East. The company maintains long-term strategy with mainstream airlines in the Middle East (EK, SV, QR, CZ, CX, etc.) and obtained the core package, standard and designated sales agent qualifications. CITITRANS has many years of domestic and Middle East air transport experience, to provide our customers with efficient and convenient air transportation services.2, business process 3, service advantages◆ Covering the Middle...
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Date: 2019-01-28
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Release date: 2019-01-28
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Starting January 25th, Amazon Logistics Center will no longer accept products bearing manufacturer barcodes, all of which must use Amazon barcodes.It is reported that before the January 25th, the Amazon FBA warehouse or the ASIN products already in the Amazon FBA warehouse need not be changed. All new distribution plans created for ASIN after January 25th need to do the following:

1. Select 'Amazon Barcode' when creating a quote.

2. Print the Amazon barcode label and attach it to the item before delivery, or have Amazon label the item (payable).

(Editor's note: ASIN code is the unique number compiled by Amazon's own product. If it is the ASIN code of the book, it is equivalent to the ISBN number of the world. When the ASIN number of other products is submitted and released by the product, Amazon will generate A string of numbers, that is the ASIN code.)

It is reported that sellers can have two choices when creating a quotation, one is to paste the manufacturer's barcode, and the other is to paste the Amazon barcode. Prior to this, the seller's default option was the manufacturer's barcode.

If you use a manufacturer's barcode to sell goods, Amazon can use the 'nearby principle' to ship. For example, A and B sellers selling iPhoneX have previously placed their products in Amazon's FBA warehouse, and these products are also labeled with the manufacturer's barcode of the global unified factory. When a consumer purchases a product, even if the order is placed through the A seller account product link, but because of the 'closeness principle' of the warehouse delivery, it is likely that the product that is issued to the consumer is prepared by the B seller in advance to the FBA warehouse. At this time, Amazon is equivalent to selling the seller's goods directly to the consumer, and modifying the inventory of the A seller.

In addition, whether it is Amazon's own products or third-party seller products in the process of order delivery, it is necessary to Amazon to do inventory information maintenance. According to industry insiders, Amazon's warehouse operations are costly and error-prone. Currently, thousands of manufacturer barcodes and Amazon ASIN barcodes coexist in Amazon warehouses, requiring a huge database maintenance fee.The industry also said that products sent to the FBA warehouse before January 25 will also be sorted and shipped according to the original 'near principle', while Amazon stipulates that the seller will use the ASIN barcode on the 25th, which is actually the Amazon slave system. Start the creation of the shipment, gradually rectify the sorting and delivery process, and the information management process.

In response, some sellers said that they have not received this notice yet, but they have been replaced with Amazon barcodes, and the labels are provided by the freight forwarders. This is the requirement for warehousing.

The seller also pointed out that Amazon's move is a warehouse management upgrade, mainly for Amazon's self-operated part, Amazon's self-operated is a unified procurement, you can adjust the warehouse, but non-self-operated part of the marketing will never be shared, because the seller's packaging The brands are different. The premise of the seller's use of the principle of proximity is multi-warehousing.

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